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Vastu Products

Vastu Shastra is a curious science of building that encompasses the forces that work on a given space through positive energy flow. Vastu Vidya is the sacred comprehensive science connected to house design and construction. Vastu means “abode” or “mansion,” while Shastra or Vidya means “science” or “knowledge.” The concepts of Vastu were drawn from the Sthapathya Veda, one of Hinduism’s oldest sacred scriptures.

Anjaney Vastu is an online store that sells hand-picked Vastu shastra products for your home and office. Place these objects in your home to keep the pleasant vibes going.

Shop for Vastu things for your house by browsing our collection. We also have a carefully curated collection of Vastu Shastra products to assist you to keep attracting prosperity.

Anjaney Vastu - Top Vastu & Astrology Ecommerce Store in India

Anjaney Vastu is India’s most reputable provider of Vastu shastra products. Health, Wealth, Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity are all blessings from Anjaney Vastu. Anjaney Vastu is dedicated to bringing development to people’s lives by offering a wide range of Vastu products online. We at Anjaney Vastu assist people to find the best Vastu products for home, Vastu products for business, and Vastu products for wealth. All Vastu items are provided under the supervision of Anurag Sharma and Sunjay Sharma.

With the use of Vedic Vastu, Astrology knowledge & Vastu products list, we hope to make the people of India healthier and more orientated so that they can live well and fulfill their life goals & offer Vastu remedies product. Our goal is to provide the young generation with the correct solutions to difficulties that arise in their lives as a result of incorrect Vastu structure in their homes, as well as to eliminate astrologically induced issues.

Buy Vastu Products at Wholesale price from Anjaney Vastu

Vastu is the knowledge of directions, which connects the five elements of nature and produces harmony between man and matter. Vastu Shastra blends astrology, art, science, and astronomy to create a safe and comfortable living environment. We provide scientific Vastu consultation for your workplace, home, or store at Rudrkripa.

A Vastu-compliant location offers beneficial impacts. It promotes good health, convenience, comfort, and harmony in the home. Vastu also strengthens a person’s religious aspect. It aids in the attainment of inner fulfillment. With the many Vastu items, you may improve the Vastu. Anjaney Vastu provides Vastu products wholesale in Delhi.

A human might also benefit psychologically from proper Vastu, such as reduced stress levels. You can adorn your home or business with Vastu objects to attract positive energy. Our wide range of Vastu products online has a large selection of products that can help you get the most out of these items.

Sound waves, light intensity, and object placements can all have an effect on the Vastu of a space. We recommend solutions to lessen the harmful impact of those erroneous placements or items in your house or office. We are one of the leading Vastu products shop in Delhi. On our website, you can browse a large choice of religious and Vastu items to bring good luck.

What are the best Vastu products that we can buy online?

Do you want to fill your home with Vastu items that are not only attractive but also offer you good fortune? Do you know that many Vastu Shastra products, notwithstanding their aesthetic value, promote calm and happiness? Anjaney Vastu offers a carefully curated selection of Vastu items for your house.

For divinity, a Buddha statue

The greatest method to give your property a decorative appeal is to have buddha statues at the main door. When put in the east, it not only protects your home from negative energy, but it also attracts fortune.

For good fortune, display Vastu paintings

Adding paintings to your space, according to Vastu, will bring you good fortune. Prosperity can be attracted by works of art depicting rushing horses, flowing rivers, and waterfalls, among other things. Sunrise or candle paintings should be shown in living spaces with little or no fire.

Dosha Nivaran Vastu Yantras

Vastu yantras are an excellent approach to eliminating Vastu doshas while also adding beauty to your home. We have a variety of Vastu items like the Maruti Yantra, Guru Yantra, Navgraha, Shani, Vashikaran, and Mahalakshmi Yantras that you can employ to achieve certain goals.

Yantras of the Tortoise and the Meru

You'll find a chosen assortment of Tortoises and Meru yantras online among our Vastu goods for the home. These materials provide optimum benefits, whether you desire to ward off negative forces or prosper in life.

Vastu Products for Home

Shri Meru Yantra

Shri Meru Yantra is one of Vastu Shastra's most important yantras. It's a powerful tool for attracting money and prosperity. If you keep it at home, it will bring you good luck. It's also claimed to clear the way for abundance by removing bad influences.

Laughing Buddha

The laughing buddha statue is very important in Feng Shui and Vastu. It is more beneficial to keep it at home. It creates a serene environment, removes negative influences, and provides prosperity.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Tortoise

Do you want to fix your home or office's vastu doshas? The perfect treatment would be a tortoise Kavach yantra. It is thought that keeping it in your house or office will neutralize the doshas and make your surroundings more pleasant.

Vastu Products for Office

To transfer the elements of positive energy into your life, choose the ideal Vastu items for the office from our Vastu Products Shop in Delhi. The Wish-Fulfilling Turtle, Chinese Coins, and the Vastu Nazar Dosh Wall Hanging Yantra are all considered auspicious. With these Vastu items, you can expect progress and a positive working environment. Tumble stones, bracelets, and Buddha heads made of stones make excellent crystal healing gifts for your loved ones.

Vastu Products for Business

Gomati Chakra Tree

One of the most important Vastu things for your business is the Gomati chakra tree. It is said to be Goddess Laxmi's residence. It is supposed to be connected to Lord Vishnu since it resembles Sudarshan Chakra. It should be kept in your home for good luck and wealth. Place this tree in the southeast corner of your home or office to eradicate Vastu doshas.

Horse Shoe Amulet or Hanging

The horseshoe is the greatest Vastu object for your office, whether you desire to please Lord Shani or bring good prosperity. A hanging horseshoe at your front door, according to astrology, wards off evil spirits and the evil eye.

Vastu Products for Health & Wealth

Clear Quartz

A "master healer," this white crystal is said to be. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, according to legend. It's also known to help with memory and concentration. Clear crystals are said to help activate the immune system and regulate the entire body on a physical level.

Green Jade

Green jade supports the heart chakra by restoring balance and harmony. Jade is a protective stone that protects the wearer from harm while also bringing harmony. Jade is a stone that brings good fortune and friendship. It helps to keep the personality in check and encourages self-sufficiency.


Opal is supposed to help with eye problems, maintain the eyes healthy, and boost the immune system. It is thought to improve a person's creativity and artistic ability. The wearer of opal is said to receive good fortune, peace, joy, and money.

Yellow Aventurine

With its capacity to heal or aid sinus disorders, allergies, migraines, muscular problems, blood circulation issues, extreme pain, upset stomach, digestion problems, and skin issues, Yellow Aventurine's healing properties seem limitless. Yellow Aventurine can be used effectively to reveal all of its hidden powers.

Vastu Products for Good Love Relationship

Harmony Tree

With this Divya Mantra mixed gemstone crystal tree, you may strengthen your inner energy. This wire gem tree features seven colored crystals strung together with golden wire, giving it an aristocratic feel wherever it is set.


Labradorite, like the Northern Lights that light up the winter skies of the far north, is full of beauty, grace, mysticism, and powerful therapeutic properties. While the world can take away our much-needed energy and valuable resources at times, Labradorite teaches us how to supply life-giving energy to all regions of our souls – from the body to the intellect and those deep, difficult-to-reach corners that keep us all in balance. It's a stone that can help us achieve self-calming, artistic aspiration, cosmic vitality, and mental clarity.

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