Vastu for Money

Although it’s often said that money cannot buy happiness, we cannot deny the very fact that it does play a crucial role in our life. Finances help us get access to essential needs and a satisfying lifestyle. We all strive to earn extra money to supply a cushy life for our families.

Ancient Indian philosophies have set certain principles which will truly alter or activate our luck. Vastu Shastra is one among the foremost widely-accepted systems, not just for creating a positive environment but also to bring more wealth and happiness to a household. Houses that are Vastu-compliant automatically attract positive energies and money by applying Vastu tips for money and keeping Vastu products for money and Vastu products for good wealth in their homes, offices, factories, and other places of interest.

Vastu Shastra puts significant importance on living in sync with the five elements – Water, Fire, Space, Air, and Earth. These elements represent all the cosmic energies of the universe. Since money plays an integral role in our lives, achieving it depends on these elements being in sync. This is why Vastu for money is one of the most common practices people execute.

Vastu Tips for Money

Keep the House Clean

Keep your home and office clutter-free. This increases the flow of positive energy in the house. It also increases the harmony between inhabitants and removes negative energy which will be affecting your family. Vastu believes in discarding all the objects and things that we do not use or are old and broken. Get rid of it and convey the wealth home.

Keep the Entrance Clean

Keep your home entrance neat, clean and obstacle-free. Because the Goddess Lakshmi (money) will click through the entrance of your home. Decorate it with principal symbols of wealth, abundance, and good luck.

Save Water, Save Cash

This is one of the best Vastu tips for money. Another faulty plumbing denotes loss of cash. So, repair them quickly. Waste of water is like wasting money. So just confirm that there’s no leaking in your home. Also, there shouldn’t be any dirty water in your home.

Right Timer Clocks

Vastu Shastra believes that a non-working clock brings your finances to face still. Your home is in working condition and showing the correct time. It’s the right way for wealth. Slow clocks signify that you simply are slow and behind in your life. Keep yourself up so far and walk with time to enjoy the wealth.

Vastu Products for Money & Wealth

There are a lot of ways in Vastu Shastra by which you can attract money. Vastu for money plays a major role here. There is a very common question about which are the best Vastu products for Good Wealth and Money.

Vastu products for good wealth and money play a very important role in attracting money and increasing the financial status. Vedant Sharmaa offers a comprehensive range of Vastu products for Good Wealth and Money.

Bell 2 Layer

A golden elephant & bell-shaped wind chime which is highly pious and brings blessings. It brings a lot of wealth and luxury to your home and business. Keeping this in your home will attract lots of wealth and prosperity.

Buddha Statue

Buddha is believed to attract unlimited prosperity and an abundance of wealth.


Carnelian stones attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity. If you would like to possess more success in your money dealings and business ventures, having Carnelian stones on the brink of your body can attract luck to you.

Citrine Rocks

Citrine is one of the simplest crystals to substitute for costly pushkaraj gemstone. In Vastu, it energizes your North-East corner. It takes negativity from the mind and provides you with positivity. It helps in getting easy money and improves financial growth & abundance in life.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is taken into account being the luckiest of all crystals. It’s also referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity”. Wear Green Aventurine to draw in wealth and abundance.

Green Aventurine Roller

Green Aventurine is additionally called the stone of heaven. It’s a stone for abundance. It makes one lucky in day-to-day affairs. Keeping Green Aventurine with you brings good luck and wealth. It’s also popularly referred to as gamblers’ stone.

Navratan Tortoise

According to Vastu Shastra, wearing it increases attraction, confidence, and business, it’s good for fortune and brings kindness to Shri Lakshmi Mata. consistent with mythology, the tortoise is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Turtle is assumed to be the fate of fortune and attracting wealth. While wearing this it should be noted that the top of the turtle should get on behalf of the person wearing it. It increases the probability of getting wealth and makes an individual Lucky. It attracts money./p>

Tortoise with Plate

The tortoise represents the start of creation, time, longevity, and wisdom. It brings fortune with it.

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