Carnelian Stone: Meaning, Properties and Benefits

The Carnelian stone is an extremely popular stone in the Quartz family. It is an orangish red coloured stone that is found mainly in India, but can also be found in Brazil, Uruguay, and Egypt.

In this article, we will be discussing more in detail about this stone, its physical, emotional healing and metaphysical properties, along with its benefits.

What is the Carnelian stone? 

The Carnelian gemstone is a semi precious Quartz stone that takes its color from the Iron Oxide. This also means that the more you keep it exposed to the sun, or any other form of heat, it is sure to become darker in its shade, and might appear a bit reddish, due to the oxidation of the Iron.

This gemstone is a variant of the Silica mineral which is usually found in sand. It also gets its glossy/translucent look, as it belongs to the Chalcedony quartz family.

The name of this red Carnelian gemstone has been derived from Latin, which means “flesh”.

In Hindi language, this gemstone is referred to as the Raat Ratuva stone.

Meaning, History and Properties of the Carnelian stone

Meaning of the Carnelian Stone

According to the Ancient Egyptians,the carnelian stone was referred to as the stone of the setting sun, or the “Sunset Stone” owing to its autumnal hues or that of a fiery sunset. 

This stone is known to empower the wearer with a lot of warmth, energy and happiness.

It is also a stone that symbolizes endurance, courage, confidence, leadership, enthusiasm and motivation.

Carnelian stones helps in the area of love, compassion and desire. 

This stone relates to the sacral Chakra, which is considered a center of creativity and passion. 

History of the Carnelian Stone

The history of the Carnelian stone dates back to the ancient Egyptian times where this stone was largely used as a fertility stone. It was said to stimulate passion and desires. It was also used by many warriors to induce courage during war times.

This stone was also used to help people become powerful speakers and help them deliver bold speeches and be more eloquent.

The Ancient Egyptians also linked this stone to the fertile blood of Isis, a revered major goddess in Egyptian history. And even the Master Architects wore this stone to show off their ranks in public. 

Also, outside of Egypt, this stone was also said to be utilized by the Wizards who used the energies in this stone to trigger other powerful stones. Earlier people used to believe that this stone would protect them against any evil energies and provide the much needed healing properties that this stone possesses.

Properties of the Carnelian Stone

As we know, all the gemstones are related to the balancing of the chakras in human life, the Carnelian stone is also connected to the Sacral Chakra and delivers immense healing properties. 

It helps you balance your life in a very holistic way, and helps you heal your mind, body and soul.

  • Physical healing properties – Since long, it has been observed that the carnelian stone helps in the easy flow of oxygen throughout the body and also helps in stimulation of the muscles. It is also known to help loosen up stiff bodies and helps more in the complete coordination during physical exercises and helps in balancing the energy levels in your body. Also, it is popularly known for stimulating sexual energies and is used as a fertility stone as it is considered extremely powerful in this area.

  • Emotional Healing properties – In order to inculcate confidence, this stone really works the best. This is also known as the singers’ stone, as it helps boost one’s confidence while performing live on stage, or in the media. If you are shy and really afraid of speaking out in public, this stone is a game changer for you. This carnelian stone is also known as the Artist’s stone, as it helps in enhancing your creativity such as dancing, singing, painting, etc. 

  • Metaphysical Properties – This stone being connected to the bottom three chakras in the human body, is said to provide immense balance to your life, helping you create your individual fierce identity and providing you with a fighter spirit. It is often referred to as the magnetic stone for good luck and prosperity. It provides you with the much necessary ambition, driving force and determination towards your efforts.

Now, the magical properties of the carnelian make it a much desired stone by many. It helps you in more than one way to have a peaceful, happy and balanced life.

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